List Of Pooja


Rudraksha breads

Chandrakar 1 mukhi: It gives all round prosperity, frees one from all sins and fulfils all desires. 

2 mukhi: Giver of wealth and remover of sins. it symbolizes unity. Controls the mind and improves marital relations.

3 mukhi: It gives the wearer all kinds of wealth. It is also known to cure recurring fever. 

4 mukhi: Gives the wearer the four essentials of life - Dharma, Artha, Kama and Moksha. It removes sins committed by murder. It is good for memory, nervous disorders and intelligence.

5 mukhi: A fully tested five mukhi Rudraksha mala very effectively controls anger, BP, Diabetics, tooth-ache, piles and gives peace of mind and spiritual inclinations to the wearer. 

6 mukhi:  Wearing it on the right hand removes the sins of Bramhahatya. It controls low BP.

7 mukhi: It gives wealth and prosperity to the wearer.

8 mukhi: It is an excellent protection from accidents and attacks. 

 9 mukhi: A highly effective one for spiritual development and as a remedy for marital discords. 

10 mukhi: A very good remedy for nervous disorders and memory problems.

11 mukhi: It is a good remedy for problems related with children and health.

12 mukhi: It is very good for those suffering from BP, blood problems and heart problems. Gives courage and protects from enemies.

13 mukhi: Mantra: Good for prosperity, courage and confidence.

14 mukhi: Next to Ekamukhi it is the most coveted Rudraksha. It gives all round prosperity. A very effective one during the Sadesati and all saturn related problems.

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