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Hybrid Puja

Hybrid Puja is an online puja service that provides you guidance through video conferencing. Here, as the name suggests, the puja is conducted at both the ends - at your and at our end. The entire puja set-up, including samagri arrangement is done at both the ends. Panditji from our side will practically show you how to do puja and you shall follow the process step by step. The cost of Hybrid includes the samagri cost that is used at our end. In case you wish, we can also arrange samagri for you at a reasonable cost


Yajmaan's Edge is again an online puja service. As the name suggests, the Yajmaan, i.e. you are the one who will perform the puja practically. So the entire puja set-up shall be done at your end. Our panditji will provide you guidance online through video conferencing and ensure that all the vidhi vidhans are followed. If you wish, we can provide you the puja samagri at an additional cost; however, it depends on the type of puja.


Onsite Puja

This is our Edge, where the puja service is performed at a agreed place on behalf of you. The entire puja set-up, including the puja samagri is arranged by us. As per the guidance of our panditji, you have to give sankalp for the puja and repeat the shlokas and mantras during the puja. The cost of Onsite puja includes the samagri cost used to perform the puja.

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